I. Technical assistance to provinces, cities, regional line agencies and state universities and colleges (SUCs) on development planning and assessment, policy formulation, project development and investment programming, project monitoring and evaluation of  programs and projects: 60 days

      How to avail of the services:

Procedure                                                          Duration of Activity

  1. Staff receives/acknowledges request
  2. Assigned staff coordinates with proponent:  2 days
  3. ARD reviews/RD approves
  4. Staff conducts technical assistance: 40-56 days
  5. Staff  prepares report on request on technical assistance to RDO: 2 days

II.  Request for RDC endorsement of project proposals.  Project proposals submitted by local government units (LGUs), national government central and regional offices and SUCs for RDC endorsement may range from simple concept papers to feasibility studies.  A project evaluation report will be prepared by the NEDA Region 5 secretariat   to  serve   as basis  for   endorsement to   concerned   sectoral  committees – 10 days

     How to avail of the services:

Procedure                                                          Duration of Activity

  1. NRO acknowledges receipt: 1 day
  2. Assigned division/staff conducts review and requests inputs from proponent: 3 days

3.   Assigned staff prepares draft PER

4.   ARD reviews/RD approves

5.   Staff prepares seccom brief and resolution; invites proponent to seccom meeting for presentation of approval:  6 days

  1. Seccom approves; staff prepares RDC brief and resolution; invites proponent to RDC meeting

 III. Request for equipment /use of facilities.  Regional line agencies and other entities request the use of NEDA conference hall, briefing room and equipment for meetings subject to conditions set by the management:  1 day

     How to avail of the services:

Procedure                                                   Duration of Activity

  1. ORD receives letter request/fills up request form
  2. RD/OIC approves request and endorses to FAD :  1 day
  3. FAD prepares facility or equipment for pull out

IV. Request for information.  Information dissemination on the regional socio-economic indicators, development programs, projects and activities as maybe requested  by stakeholders in the region -1 day

 How to avail of the services:

Procedure                                                  Duration of Activity

  1. Staff  receives/assesses request: 1 day
  2. Staff provides needed information if available/ prepares referral letter if information can be provided by other agencies

V. Request for services. The NEDA staff provides inputs to technical documents, provides technical assistance as resource persons and as members of technical committees/task forces that requires attendance and participation to development related activities.

A.  Inputs to technical documents-3 days

How to avail of the services:

Procedure                                                  Duration of Activity

1.  Staff receives documents                                                )

2.  Staff  requests inputs from other  division                        )           1 day

3.  Prepares draft memo/ARD/RD approves the inputs        )           2 days

4.  Staff   transmits memo                                                    )

  1. Invitation of staff as resource person/facilitator -3 days

How to avail of the services:

Procedure                                                  Duration of Activity

  1. Staff acknowledges request and confirms availability)
  2. Staff consults with organizer on topic                         )               2 days
  3. Staff prepares presentation materials                                         1 day
  4. Attendance to inter-agency activities -2 days
  1. Staff acknowledges/determines invitation                       )
  2. RD decides appropriate action                                    )              1 day
  3. Staff confirms attendance/sends regret re: attendance)

to activity with requesting agency                                    )           1 day

4. Staff attends/makes report on confirmed activity              )

Who may avail of the Services:

Regional line agencies, other development bodies, SUCs, schools, implementing agencies, LGUs and other concerned entities.

Fees or Charges:

No fees or charges shall be collected or paid in availing the service.

Service availability:

The service is available  Monday  to  Friday  from  8:00  AM to 5:00 PM except holidays.

Feedback mechanism

Please let us know if you are satisfied or not with the services provided by doing any of the following:

 Accomplish our Feedback Form available in the Public Assistance Counter desk and put the duly accomplished form at the drop box.

 Send your feedback through e-mail, nro5@neda.gov.ph or through fax no. (52)482-0504.

 Talk to our Public Assistance Counter Officer (PACO)

If you are not satisfied with our service, your written/verbal complaints shall immediately be attended to by the Public Assistance Counter Officer and shall be forwarded to the Office of the Regional Director.

THANK YOU for helping us continuously improve our services.