The NEDA Mission

As members of the NEDA family and of this nation,
We are committed to uphold the Constitution
And the ideals of a nation united.

Ours is the task to formulate continuing, coordinated,
and fully integrated socioeconomic policies, plans, and programs.

In the performance of our mandate,
We shall be guided by the principles
Of private initiative and devolution of powers
That greater people participation in the
Development process may be achieved.

Guided by our faith in God and an inspired leadership,
Our hallmarks as a development institution
Shall be founded on unity and solidarity
And on the integrity, professionalism and
Excellence of each and every staff.

We shall be transparent in all our actions
And continue to adhere to the highest ethical standards of public service.

For ours is a caring agency responsive
To the needs of every member,
While working for the welfare of all.