NEDA Region 5, or the National Economic and Development Authority Region 5, is the region’s premier social and economic development planning and policy coordinating body primarily responsible for formulating continuing, coordinated, and fully integrated social and economic policies, plans, and programs at the regional level.

NEDA is an oversight agency, not an implementing agency. It coordinates the formulation of development plans, programs, and policies, assesses the implementation of these plans, programs, and policies, and evaluates project proposals for the national government and donor funding.

NEDA is a user of data, not a data-generating entity. It uses data generated by the Philippine Statistics Authority and other entities for development planning, policy formulation, and project development.

The NEDA regional office has the following major functions:

  • Coordinates the formulation, implementation, and monitoring of regional socio-economic and physical development plans, policies, programs, and projects;
  • Provides technical assistance to implementing agencies, local government units, and state universities and colleges in the region in identifying and developing programs and projects;
  • Evaluates and reviews proposed regional programs and projects requiring Regional Development Council (RDC) endorsement to the national government and donor agencies; and
  • Serves as the principal technical and administrative secretariat of the RDC and its committees.