Search for Outstanding Volunteers 2014

The 2014 Search for Outstanding Volunteers (SOV) is now open for nominations. Filipino citizens, Filipino volunteer organizations, and local chapters of foreign volunteer organizations that currently provide volunteer assistance in the Philippines are eligible to participate.

The SOV recognizes the performance and dedication of Filipino volunteers as they help people and build strong communities across the country. The Volunteer Lifetime Achievement Award (VLAA) is given to an individual or organization for consistent and outstanding volunteer service and whose achievement is regarded as an inspiration and role model in the field of volunteerism.

The National Outstanding Volunteer Award (NOVA) is given to an individual or organization for outstanding volunteer service that has made a significant contribution to uplifting the lives of people and communities served.

The Special Citation in Volunteerism is given to recognize volunteering efforts and/or support to volunteerism by an individual, group or organization that do not qualify under the regular SOV categories but which are deemed equally meritorious in accomplishment.

Individuals, beneficiaries or heads of private sector organizations, local government units, and government agencies may nominate volunteers or volunteer organizations. Nominations must be endorsed by the heads of organizations. Nominations must be submitted to the NEDA Region 5, Arimbay, LegazpiCity with fax no. (052) 4820504 and email address:

The deadline for submission of nomination is on 15 July 2014.  Nomination forms are available at the NEDA Region 5, Arimbay, LegazpiCity and may be downloaded from