RPMCs 5 and 6 conduct learning session on project monitoring

As part of capability building activities for project monitoring committees (PMCs), the Bicol Regional Project Monitoring Committee (RPMC), in coordination with the Western Visayas RPMC, conducted a learning session on project monitoring in Iloilo City last June 5 to 7. The activity aimed to improve project monitoring procedures and outputs of the Bicol regional and local PMCs following replicable processes of the Western Visayas RPMC and allow the participants to share project monitoring experiences. Members of the Bicol RPMC and its secretariat, together with a representative from the local PMC of Masbate City participated in the learning session.


The activity was marked by a sharing session between the two RPMCs, a problem solving session on hospital waste management concerns conducted by RPMC 6, and site visits to selected projects in Western Visayas. The sharing session highlighted unique practices that may be replicated and adopted by each RPMC. As observers during the problem solving session, the Bicol participants acknowledged the need to be more proactive in addressing issues arising from project monitoring that are just starting to evolve but are potentially disastrous. The project site visits enabled the Bicol participants to gain fresh insights in the implementation of similar projects in the Bicol region.

The Bicol participants will share the learnings and insights gained from the activity to other PMCs in the region during the third quarter RPMC 5 meeting.