RDC issues FY 2015 budget review calendar

The RDC approved Budget Memorandum Circular No. 1-2013 providing the guidelines in the review of agency budget proposals for FY 2015.

Budget Review

The circular was issued pursuant to Executive Order No. 325 (as amended) requiring all agency regional offices (AROs) and state universities and colleges (SUCs) to secure RDC endorsement of their FY 2015 budget proposals. The purpose of the review is to ensure that the proposed PPAs support the President’s social contract and the objectives of the updated regional development plan (RDP). The budget review process begins with the RDC secretariat providing the AROs and SUCs the prioritized list  of programs,   projects,  and activities (PPAs) in the RDIP. The AROs and SUCs shall submit their budget proposals, incorporating the prioritized PPAs in the RDIP. The SecCom shall review the budget proposals based on the RDP and RDIP.  The RDC shall endorse the budget proposals to DBM, agency central offices, CHED, NEDA Central Office, the Senators, and Congressmen.