RDC Bicol set to select new private sector representatives

   The Bicol Regional Development Council (RDC), during its meeting on June 3 (Friday) at NEDA Region 5 in Legazpi City, approved the accreditation of 34 private sector organizations (PSOs).  The accreditation of PSOs is in preparation for the selection of a new set of private sector representatives (PSRs) to the council for the period 2016 to 2019.

   The RDC PSRs comprise one-fourth of the members of the RDC full council. Consistent with the revised PSR selection guidelines approved by the RDC, the PSRs will be composed of seven geographic representatives, seven sectoral representatives, and one labor sector representative. The geographic PSRs will be nominated by the provincial and city development councils, while the sectoral PSRs will be nominated by accredited PSOs. The labor sector representative to the regional tripartite and wage productivity board will sit as PSR for the labor sector in the RDC.

   The RDC secretariat invited PSOs for accreditation in order to participate in the PSR selection process. A PSO is defined as an organization created or formed by private persons for the purpose of socio-economic development rendering service or providing assistance to the public that includes business organizations and basic sector organizations as defined in the Social Reform and Poverty Alleviation Act.

   To qualify for accreditation, a PSO must have legal personality, a track record in socio-economic activities, its scope of activities is region-wide or at least in two provinces, its operation is purely privately funded, its officers and members should not come from government, and it should be a Filipino organization. Those organizations managed by foreigners whose officers and members are primarily foreign national or are considered branches or affiliates of foreign organizations are disqualified. Organizations that have government officials and employees as officers or members or whose operations are funded by the government are likewise disqualified.

   The accredited PSOs will submit their nominee and official voter to the RDC secretariat not later than June 30.  A nominee must be a Filipino citizen, does not receive any remuneration from the government, must have a proven track record in socio-economic development in the region, and willing and able to participate in all RDC meetings and activities.  The election of sectoral PSRs will be on July 29. One PSR from the following sectors will be selected: farmers, fisherfolks, persons with disability, women, youth and students, persons engaged in business, and persons engaged in tourism. The selection process for geographic PSRs, on the other hand, will be in August.  The RDC will confirm the new set of PSRs in September this year.

List of Qualified Private Sector Organizations