RDC 5 gears up for the FY 2022 budgeting exercise

The Bicol Regional Development Council conducts an annual orientation with representatives of regional line agencies, local government units, the House of Representatives, and the private sector on updating the Regional Development Investment Program in preparation for the succeeding year’s budgeting exercise. This year’s event was conducted last October 14, 2020 via videoconference.

In her opening message, NEDA Regional Director and RDC Vice Chairperson highlighted the investment priorities for FY2022 : “ The priority PAPs for FY 2022 are those that will cushion the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic and similar health hazards.” These are the Regional Recovery, Peace and Development, and Balik Probinsya, Bagong Pag-asa Programs. Priority will also be accorded to RDC- endorsed Regional Core PAPs which are critical and non-negotiable that are needed to attain the Regional Development Plan (RDP) targets. The Mandanas-Garcia Supreme Court Ruling that will be implemented in CY 2022 will also be considered to strengthen synergy of national and local government units through devolution of resources.

As a way of gearing up for the preparation of the FY 2022 agency budget proposals, presentations were on the development planning process, the Regional Development Plan 2017 to 2022 Mid-Term Update, and the CY 2019 Regional Development Report to refresh the participants on the overall development framework. The event was highlighted with sectoral workshops on updating the Regional Development Investment Program 2017 to 2022 where participants familiarized themselves on how to update their respective contributions towards the operationalization of the RDP in terms of programs, activities, and projects.

With increased awareness on the processes, timelines and documentary requirements, the RDC expects an increased number of PAPs being funded in the region for FY 2022.