NEDA staff undergoes AVP training

A total of 30 personnel of NEDA Region 5 from the technical and administrative divisions participated in a four-day training and sharing session on Audiovisual Production (AVP) on April 21 to 24 at NEDA Region 5, Arimbay, Legazpi City.

The activity is one of the skills enhancement training included in the Manpower Development Plan for the NRO staff. Resource persons came from NEDA Region 4B who shared their knowledge and experience in producing AVPs.

The activity was conducted primarily to support the advocacy efforts for the development plan, regional development report, investment plan, physical framework plans as well as other initiatives in the region such as tourism development areas (ALMASOR and Triple C). The initial outputs of the session will supplement the existing AVPs on NEDA and the Bicol region used during regional forum and briefings and those shown at the NEDA 5 lobby.