Bicolano Stakeholders Call for Harmonization of Planning Process at the Local Level

Members of the Regional Land Use Committee, provincial and city planning officers, academe and private sectors converged on April 12, 2019 at the RDC Hall, NEDA Region 5 to discuss the proposed National Land Use Act (NaLUA) of the Philippines which seeks to institutionalize a national land use policy intended to end the degradation of the country’s land resources and optimize sustainable development. The activity aimed to (a) generate comments and issues on the proposed NaLUA, and (b) solicit recommendations on how to address these issues.

Among the issues that were identified is the complicated and disconnected planning process that is being adopted in the local level. Guidelines for the preparation of Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plan, Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP), and Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) emanates from three agencies, and the CLUP and CDP seem to be repetitive in the sense that contents are similar. Planning period must also be clarified. With these, the harmonization of all the planning processes from the national to local level particularly the preparation of the various plans was proposed to be taken into consideration.

To ensure that land use concerns are addressed, other recommendations were identified which include: (a) creation of a technical committee, with composition based on EO 72 series of 1993, under the provincial development council that will review the land use plans, (b) creation of a local planning core group headed by the city planning and development office/municipal planning and development office (CPDO/MPDO) with members from different offices of the local government units, instead of CPDO/MPDO alone, to prepare and update the CLUPs, and (c) provide sanctions to LGUs which do not comply to the policies.


Engr. Gilberto Abion of NEDA Region 5 presents the salient features of NaLUA.


Breakout sessions generating comments, issues and recommendations.

Generated inputs from the consultations conducted by different regions will be integrated and presented during the 11th National Land Use Committee meeting.