6.0 Systems Framework

The underlying principle of the monitoring and evaluation system framework is its usefulness in enhancing the efficiency of project implementation at the various levels. Hence, the monitoring and evaluation system at any level is primarily for the purpose of expediting project implementation at that level and to determine whether the objectives of the projects are accomplished. Providing the next higher level development council with reports on the status of project implementation is only a secondary function.

The schematic diagram (Figure 2) describes the overall framework for monitoring projects at each level under the RPMES. The diagram likewise traces the reporting, feedback and referral flows within the among the various levels of monitoring and evaluation – national, regional, provincial/city, and municipal levels.

For each level, the linkages among the project implementors as the basic source of project information, the Project Monitoring Committees as coordinators/ monitors, authorized nongovernment organizations as project monitors, and the development councils at various levels as decision-making and problem-solving bodies are traced.