The operationalization of the RPMES will be undertaken by a number of units/entities acting as coordinators, monitors, and project implementors.

3.1 Coordination Activities

To ensure that the RPMES activities are coordinated in terms of information dissemination, submission of reports, monitoring and evaluation of project implementation, feedback and problem-solving, coordinative mechanism of the system will be provided at the various levels. The NEDA Board through the NPMC will oversee the implementation of the RPMES at all levels.

Coordination of PMC activities at the subnational levels will be the responsibility of the various development councils. Regionwide and interregional coordination will be handled by the Regional Development Councils (RDCs), the Metropolitan Manila Authority, Regional Planning and Development Board of ARMM, Cordillera Executive Board of CAR and other similar bodies which may be established.

Coordination at the provincial and municipal levels will be undertaken by the Provincial Development Councils, the City Development Councils and the Municipal Development Councils.

3.2 Planning, Programming, Scheduling, and Monitoring Activities

Operationalization of the RPMES will be undertaken by the NPMC through the Project Monitoring Committees (PMCs) created in each region through EO 376 and EO 93 in each province, city and municipality as mandated by RA 7160 (LGC). These PMCs will be responsible for planning, programming and scheduling monitoring activities and for monitoring and evaluating the implementation of development projects at their respective levels.

The RPMES provides for the extensive and active participation of NGOs, private volunteer organizations (PVOs) and concerned citizens as authorized monitors at all levels.

3.3 Project Implementation Activities

The implementation of development projects at various levels will be undertaken by regular government agencies, nonfinancial government-owned or controlled corporations, and local government units. They will provide monitors with their respective annual work and financial plans, and status reports on project implementation.