10.0 Problem-Solving Mechanism

To operationalize the primary objectives of RPMES, regular problem-solving sessions should be conducted to obtain maximum benefit from the information made available by the M&E activity.

The following procedure should apply in the project facilitation activity at the regional, provincial, city and municipal levels:

1. PMC will discuss the project implementation issue/problem and submit recommendations to Development Council or its Executive Committee (Excom) depending on the urgency of the problem.

2. Development council or its Excom will include a problem-solving item in its agenda to discuss an resolve the problems/issues with the implementing agency during its meetings. The implementor(s) of subject project(s) will be invited to attend this meeting.

3. Development council or Excom will refer unresolved problems to higher bodies (next level Development Council).

4. Monitoring of the implementation of the remedial measures will be conducted by respective PMCs.